The leading next-generation care management platform for health plans

The GuidingCare® platform has the strength and depth to manage care for any member, in any setting, in any population. Payers seamlessly connect with all stakeholders across the continuum of care on a single, unified care management platform.

Support a Patient-Centric Model of Care

GuidingCare® is a complete care management platform for patient-centered care, offering health plans and provider organizations easy-to-use, next-generation data integration and workflow management tools that:

  • Streamline complex workflows
  • Facilitate coordination among medical, behavioral and community health resources
  • Accelerate quality improvement
  • Promote provider and patient engagement

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Care Management

The Care Management module helps you operationalize an evidence-based, person-centered care management strategy for your populations. Sophisticated data analytics, workflow management, care coordination and reporting capabilities enable your organization to address high-impact opportunities and maintain compliance every step of the way.

Population Health

The Population Health Management module is a robust, web-based care coordination application developed specifically for use by primary care providers, support services organizations and other key care provider partners. The system incorporates gaps-in-care analytics that allow clinical staff to identify high-risk patients and potential health improvement opportunities.

Predictive Analytics

GuidingSigns® Analytics is a clinical decision support system that transforms data into actionable insights for health care payers and providers. GuidingSigns combines predictive risk scoring, stratification and grouping with gaps-in-care analytics to identify evidence-based health improvement opportunities across hundreds of clinical care and behavioral health indicators.


Fewer Caps. Better Care. 

When payers and providers have a smooth interface for communication, the risk for everyone drops dramatically. Medical errors decrease, providers are happier and members are healthier. GuidingCare brings together every stakeholder across a fragmented healthcare system to manage the continuum of care. We created a quick video to show you how GuidingCare creates strong connections and better communication. Take 90 seconds to see how it works.

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