Levers for Pharmacy Savings

The U.S. spends more per capita on medication than anywhere else in the world.

Our digital pharmacy platform connects payers, providers, pharmacy, and patients to manage costs and improve health outcomes. Through Levrx Roxanne AI™, data-driven analytics are delivered with actionable insights to generate results.

Connecting payers, providers, pharmacy, and patients





Levrx offers a proactive pharmacy management platform to drive a customized, actionable prescription strategy. Our platform engages with providers at the point-of-care to yield informed decisions. Members themselves are empowered with a tool to manage and own their prescription journey that increases satisfaction and plan loyalty.


Whether it’s boosting star ratings, engaging with members, or driving down prescription costs, Levrx is the only digital health platform aligning payers, providers, pharmacy, and patients to accomplish those goals.



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Fernando Febus

SVP, Solutions Management

Fernando Febus is responsible for product management and client development. Fernando brings valued insight from decades of work in health plans and is well-versed in strategic leadership & critical business software implementations.


Brent W. Averette

SVP, Sales & Business Development

Brent W Averette is responsible for partnership engagement and sales. Brent is a seasoned executive with  experience in healthcare, health information technology, Payer, Pharmacy and Consumer Healthcare industry.


Kayla Germain

Strategic Marketing Manager

Kayla Germain works hand in hand with health plans to guide multi-channel strategies for platform adoption & utilization. Kayla brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and a specialty in healthcare advertising. 



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