Bend the cost curve in oncology and cardiology.

Managing the cost of specialty care doesn’t require abrasive physician oversight. Our holistic approach to specialty benefit management consistently drives over 7% immediate savings, 50% ongoing trend reduction and the highest levels of quality and physician satisfaction.

Hear from Dr. Jeffrey Ward, Oncologist-Hematologist with Swedish Cancer Institute and New Century Health CEO Dan McCarthy about what makes our model unique. 

How Real-World Evidence Can Transform High-Value Oncology Pathways

Our CMO Dr. Andrew Hertler explains how real-world evidence may usher in the next generation of oncology clinical pathways.

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Controlling Total Cost of Care in Oncology: 3 Areas Where Health Plans Should Focus

Discover value-based payment strategies and tools to help oncologists improve care across the patient journey.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology Practices and the Delivery of Cancer Care

Our Scientific Advisory Board shares takeaways from how practices are adapting to care for a vulnerable population.

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High-Value Clinical Pathways Help Illinois Cancer Practice Reduce Drug Spend

Recent journal article details how NCH and Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois teamed up to slow growth in drug spend.

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Driving Culture Change In The Pursuit Of Value:

Dr. Mark Walshauser describes the impact of high-value oncology pathways and peer collaboration on his community practice.

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Creating A “Culture Of Yes” In Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is a major source of frustration for providers. Our CMO Dr. Andrew Hertler explains how a value-based approach can change that.

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Cancer Care During COVID-19: How to Navigate New Risks

Read insights for minimizing patients’ risk of COVID-19 when their cancer therapies cannot be delayed. 

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Cancer Costs Everyone Too Much. Here’s How We Fix It.

Read how the deployment of evidence-based clinical pathways improve patient outcomes while decreasing waste and cost.

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