We’re a virtual care management company working to prevent diabetic amputations.

We partner with health plans to reduce the prevalence of diabetic foot complications in high-risk populations.

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Improving outcomes &

lowering unmanaged diabetes costs 


“Diabetic foot ulcers were the biggest cost we didn’t know we had.”

– National Health Plan Executive

“Diabetic amputations are some of the most devastating and costliest complications afflicting people with diabetes. They have plagued some of our most vulnerable members and continue to cost the US health care system billions of dollars”                                                                                                                 – Timothy Swartz, DPM Kaiser Permanente Mid Atlantic

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The Podimetrics Solution

Using our SmartMat and care support services, Podimetrics remotely monitors patients’ foot temperatures, and alert clinicians when preventative clinical action is needed.


  • Science: Thermometry is supported by three clinical practice guidelines & a Comparative Effectiveness Report commissioned by the AHRQ
  • Savings: Realize reduced costs within the plan year
  • Speed: Health Plan Program implementation can be completed within 90 days

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Diabetic Foot Ulcers are difficult to identify. We can help & provide the more than 200 ICD-10-CM & CPT codes. 

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