Bridging the Digital Divide

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Group 1

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  • Cheryl Keys
  • Dawn Peterson
  • Dawn Trevino
  • Jennifer Hipp
  • Kanchana Madhavan
  • Kimberly Bricker
  • Laura Church
  • Laurie Lincoln
  • Mai Vang
  • Michael Sherman
  • Russ Kuzel
  • Sarah Knodel
  • Susan Fiorella

Group 2

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  • Anthony Marinello
  • Antonio Petitta
  • Bruce Wollman
  • Christina Barrington
  • David Larsen
  • Greg Haban
  • Jose Martinez
  • Kristen McKay
  • Linda Reich
  • Margaret Crawford
  • Melissa Horning
  • Patricia Toro
  • Rebecca Jacobson
  • Sue Wilhelm

Group 3

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  • Anne Book
  • Benjamin Barner
  • Carl Rorie-Alexandrov
  • Chelsey Doepner
  • Chester Ho
  • Erica Clark
  • Joe Novak
  • Joshua Edwards
  • Julia Joseph-Di Caprio
  • Kristy Smith
  • Maria Guyette
  • Mike Merrill
  • Scott Whittle
  • Suzanne Mauro

Group 4

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  • Amy Banulis
  • Bessy Velonis
  • Chronis Manolis
  • Dave Busch
  • David Brumley
  • Emily Eckhoff
  • Lisa Vojtush
  • Marti Lolli
  • Martin Wesolowski
  • Meghan Felton
  • Michael McCarthy
  • Michael Reilly
  • Scott Kammer

Group 5

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  • Amin Serehali
  • Elizabeth Warner
  • Jian Yu
  • Linda Cardinal
  • Lindsay Gemmell
  • Melissa Evans
  • Patrick Courneya
  • Richard McCarthy
  • Shawn Barger
  • Stephen Perkins
  • Vanessa Bobb
  • Vicki Lind

Group 6

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  • Amelia Thompson
  • Carolyn Langer
  • Christopher Standaert
  • Damaris Gautier
  • Ivette Ruiz
  • Jamie Galbreath
  • Kevin Ronneberg
  • Matthew Hurford
  • Opal Pettis
  • Tamara Migut
  • Tinisha Cheatham
  • Wendy Hammond

Group 7

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  • Angie Hochhalter
  • April Vogelsang
  • Armando DelToro
  • Christine Strahl
  • Cynthia Weiss
  • Farzaneh Sabi
  • Jennifer Garber
  • Jonathan Harvey
  • Mike Franz
  • Patrick Mitsch
  • Perry Meadows
  • Sarita Mohanty
  • Terry Mills

Group 8

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  • Artur Treyster
  • Becky Such
  • Buff Donovan
  • Charlotte Luebbert
  • J. Edward McEachern
  • Jamie Miller
  • Johanna Gelderman
  • Kirit Pindolia
  • Peter Nixon
  • Rose Henningsen
  • Sara Rodgers
  • Shital Desai

Group 9

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  • B. Rao Tripuraneni
  • Bruce Coplin
  • Carrie Germain
  • Cathy Rinker
  • Greg Hanley
  • Juee Shah
  • Melissa deGoede
  • Mihir Patel
  • Mona Gahunia
  • Rosanna Tran
  • Scott Bohon

Group 10

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  • Anthony Billittier
  • Brita Hansen
  • Bruce Cantor
  • Frank Genova
  • Kevin Eichhorn
  • Laura Ceron
  • Marie Sherwood
  • Martin Burruano
  • Michael Farina
  • Stacey Staudenmeier
  • Ted Kerkam

Group 11

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  • Ann Cahill
  • Anne Fernandez
  • Christian Kastman
  • Doreen McKenna
  • Gray Clarke
  • Liz Sperr
  • Mark Huizenga
  • Melissa Pollari
  • Russ Elbel
  • Saadia Griffith-Howard
  • Stephanie Carlson
  • Wendy Hanson

Group 12

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  • Amy Bedrosian
  • Amy Christensen
  • Jennifer Meko
  • Lindsay Wallace
  • Maurice Cates
  • Michael Horberg
  • Michel Faust
  • Rachel Sterner
  • Renee Golderman
  • Stephanie Hayden
  • Teresa Hall




About This Session


New technology to improve population health and quality of care has only limited success due to the digital divide. In this interactive session, attendees will discuss actions ACHP plans can take to achieve digital equity in the communities they serve.


Laura Ceron

Community Health Worker

Company/Employment: Association for Utah Community Health

Bio:  Laura Ceron has been a Community Health Worker for close to six years working to address health inequities in Salt Lake City, Utah by connecting uninsured and Medicaid patients to resources in their community and supporting them through their goals by building strong relationships with patients and community partners.  Laura has a strong passion for equity for disenfranchised communities and is also a co-chair in the Workforce development group’s efforts in establishing a curriculum and part of the Section leadership to try and build capacity for other Community Health Workers in the state of Utah.    As many important events such as schooling, work, and medical visits have moved to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura has been assisting patients with digital inequities more than ever."

Melissa deGoede

Chief Clinical Officer 

Company/Employment: Security Health Plan

Bio: Melissa deGoede, Security Health Plan’s Chief Clinical Officer, is a clinician who is passionate about transforming health care through the design and delivery of innovative programs focused on quality of care, population health, through efficient, cost-effective care delivery. As a seasoned and dedicated health care leader with more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of clinical and payer settings, deGoede has a deep commitment to transforming care.    deGoede is an experienced clinical leader with a background that encompasses product and operations oversight of population health organizations delivering programs in the commercial and government space, as well as, emergency and urgent care departments in the provider space.     As Chief Clinical Officer for Security Health Plan, she is responsible for operational and product oversight, strategic planning and execution of clinical, quality and pharmacy programs supporting Security Health Plan members. deGoede completed her bachelor of science degree in nursing at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, and earned her masters of business administration with a healthcare emphasis from Lakeland College. 

Michael Horberg, MD

Associate Medical Director

Company/Employment: Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Bio: Michael Alan Horberg, MD is also the director of the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute (MAPRI). As Associate Medical Director, Dr. Horberg is responsible for all research activities in Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (KPMAS). He serves as the medical director for KPMAS Community Health, and is the Medicaid leader for MAPMG, including Chief Medical Officer for Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States in Maryland Medicaid. Michael leads HIV, STD, and transgender health care efforts in the region, and HIV and STD care program-wide for Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Horberg leads our Medical Genetics and Genomics strategy for MAPMG and is Executive Sponsor for KPMAS’ Commission on Cancer Accreditation and National Surgical Quality Improvement Program. Dr. Horberg serves as director of HIV/AIDS program-wide for Kaiser Permanente and as Clinical Lead for HIV/AIDS and STDs for the Care Management Institute. Dr. Horberg has served on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, having co-chaired the Access to Care and Improved Outcomes Committee. Dr. Horberg is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA). He is Past-Chair of the Board of Directors of the HIV Medicine Association of IDSA. Dr. Horberg attended Boston University Medical School, and received his Master of Advanced Studies, from University of California San Francisco. He is a resident of the District of Columbia

Sarita Mohanty, MD

Vice President, Care Coordination of Medicaid and Vulnerable Populations

Company/Employment: Kaiser Permanente

Bio: Dr. Sarita A. Mohanty is the Vice President, Care Coordination of Medicaid and Vulnerable Populations for Kaiser Permanente (KP). Dr. Mohanty directs efforts at a national level to identify and facilitate the spread of leading care coordination and care delivery models for vulnerable populations across KP. She serves as the accountable executive of Thrive Local, an enterprise program to connect health care and social services providers to address pressing social needs. Dr. Mohanty has approximately 25 years of experience in health care delivery, utilization management, care management, quality improvement, disease management, health information technology, and health services research. She serves on several state and national committees and boards, including the National Quality Forum and the California Health Care Foundation. She completed her Internal Medicine training at Beth Israel Deaconess and a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Subsequently, Dr. Mohanty was the Chief Medical Officer of COPE Health Solutions, a health care consulting company. From 2011-2014, Dr. Mohanty was the Senior Medical Director for the largest public health plan in the U.S., L.A. Care Health Plan. Dr. Mohanty earned her BA from UC Berkeley, MD from Boston University School of Medicine, MPH from Harvard University, MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Dr. Mohanty currently practices as an internal medicine physician at KP in Northern California and was recently appointed as Associate Professor, KP Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine.