Anthony Davis

Senior Director for Quality Strategy


Company/Employment: UPMC Health Plan

Bio: Anthony Davis is a Quality Improvement professional with 15+ years of experience building quality improvement initiatives across multiple regions of the United States. His work has pushed forward state, regional, and national initiatives across the QI industry. Anthony began his career at a small rural based health plan in Salem, Oregon building QI infrastructure support in the form of Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs), Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), and State/Federal regulatory reporting requirements. He then spent several years leading working at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) around HEDIS and health plan accreditation programs specifically aimed and Medicare and SNP plans. His work then crossed over to United Health Group and Optum where he directed national initiatives aimed at improving quality and risk adjustment scores for nearly 8.5 Million covered lives. Most recently, Anthony serves as the current Senior Director for Quality Strategy at UPMC Health Plan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anthony leads a staff of 80+ that are responsible for all State and Federal quality improvement initiatives and data submissions for 3.5 Million covered lives across; Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, Commercial and Exchange product lines. In addition the above key career highlights, Anthony is also an assistant professor and George Washington University where he teaches a Master’s of Science Course in Quality Improvement, and a current consultant for NCQA.