Ben Barner

Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacy Management

Company/Employment: Fallon Health

Bio: As Sr. Director Clinical Pharmacy Management, Ben oversees all pharmacy benefits offered at Fallon Health including Commercial self & fully insured, Exchange, Medicaid ACO, Special Needs Plans, Medicare HMO in Massachusetts and PACE in MA & NY. Ben has over 8 years of experience within Managed Care mainly focused on government programs for the underserved. He received his PharmD in 2010 from the University of Rhode Island as well as his Master’s in Business Administration and concentration in Business Analytics in 2019. Ben continually works to create new innovative ways for improving health outcomes especially focused on adherence and transitions of care. He enjoys leveraging data to identify new opportunities and collaborating with cross-function clinical groups to execute Fallon’s vision for pharmacy care. Outside of work, he most enjoys spending time with his family and sightseeing around New England.