Rebecca Jacobson, MD

Vice President

Company/Employment: UPMC Enterprises

Bio: Dr. Rebecca Jacobson is Vice President at UPMC Enterprises, where she oversees the analytics program, including the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Over the past 2 years, Dr. Jacobson and her team have worked closely with UPMC Health Plan’s Quality program to use NLP for HEDIS hybrid measurement, and to help UPMC Health Plan move to prospective, year-round HEDIS. Together with Anthony Davis, she represents UPMC in the NCQA NLP Working Group. Dr. Jacobson is also President of Astrata, a digital healthcare quality company, created through UPMC Enterprises. Prior to this position, Dr. Jacobson was Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Chief Information Officer for the Institute for Personalized Medicine. Over the past fifteen years, her work has focused on extracting meaningful information from electronic medical records to impact population health, precision medicine, and quality improvement, using NLP methods. She is an elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (since 2010).