Better outcomes with behavioral economics.


By understanding the science of human motivation and habit formation, we drastically improve the health outcomes of patients with chronic conditions. Our mission is to serve the populations that need the most help. Our product deploys the latest digital technology and AI on an established foundation of behavioral economic principles, tailored to each member. 

Our Story 

Wellth was created after CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew Loper, witnessed his Aunt and Uncle (siblings), both with the same diagnosis of type-2 diabetes, have drastically different outcomes based on their daily care plan adherence behavior patterns.

His Aunt was 100% adherent to her care plan, taking every medication at the exact time she was supposed to and doing all her blood sugar readings each day. She has had the diagnosis for 25 years and has it highly managed with no complications. His Uncle, on the other hand, was disengaged with his care plan, often missed his medications and did not follow his prescribed care plan, which unfortunately led to him passing away as a result of complications to his condition.

This led Matt to dive into the world of behavioral economics, which is the study of why people often behave irrationally despite knowing what is best for them and intending to do what’s best. From there, Wellth emerged.


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Dinesh Apte

Head of Sales 

RCT backed 

Wellth completed a Randomized Controlled Trial in partnership with UPenn and the American Heart Association that showed 45% reduction to readmission rates post-AMI. 

At-risk pricing

Wellth understands the importance of aligning our payment model with yours. You only pay us when your members achieve their adherence goals. Which means no risk and  guaranteed  ROI. 

Results that matter

Our partners have seen results such as a 45% reduction in readmission rate after heart attacks, a 92% decrease in avoidable ED visits, and a 1.3 reduction in HbA1c levels amongst high-risk diabetics.


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Wellth Success Story: Mr. Vance

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