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Zelis is a healthcare and financial technology growth company and market-leading provider of claims cost and payments optimization solutions to price, pay and explain healthcare claims. Zelis delivers integrated network analytics, network solutions, payment integrity, electronic payments and claims communications for payers, healthcare providers and consumers in the medical, dental and workers’ compensation markets nationwide. For more information visit our website below.


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We combine the latest technology platforms and effective processes with the experience of an industry-leading team of experts who work relentlessly to offer service that goes beyond the expected on every network, every claim, every payment, every communication, every day.



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We work across the pre-claim and claim lifecycle to integrate claims cost and payments optimization solutions to help control the rising cost of healthcare. As a result, we drive greater efficiency and savings for your health plan and ensure you have the resources you need to thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex industry.

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Zelis complements a health plan’s existing solution by enhancing results that drive maximum savings. Just add us to your stack for claims review and processing. Delving into savings pre-payment reduces potential provider abrasion by eliminating chasing of claim corrections. And our integration with major adjudication systems means headache-free installation.


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